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We are helping businesses, organizations, institutions, and foundations, of all sizes, digitalize, optimize, and automatize both simple and complex sites and systems. We do this through our three key areas that all digitalize manual processes:

Web Application

Mobilization of your business is the need of the hour. In this mobile-first world, having an application will help take your business on-the-go. Web applications for businesses not only forge seamless communication with potential consumers but also play a vital part in the branding process. It can streamline your business, improving efficiency by giving better visibility of the entire business at one place, providing round-the-clock accessibility, and enforcing solid levels of security.


An application programming interface (API) is a lines of instructions which allow our system to interact with any other system in a secure way and with minimal dependency. APIs are a big part of the web. When two systems (websites, desktops, smartphones) link up through an API, we say they are "integrated." In an integration, you have two sides, each with a special name. One side : the server. This is the side that actually provides the API. It helps to remember that the API is simply another program running on the server .

Web design

In the internet’s age, to transform your business into a brand, a remarkable brand website that delivers exceptional customer experience is a must. We live in an era where consumers do in-depth research before any purchase. So, skimping when it comes to your business website can implicate a major step back in the future.

Android Application

Android is ruling the mobile world. With over 80% of the android mobile users in the world population, it becomes an explicit statement of why your business needs an android app? Yes, this is one such operating system that is single-handedly conquering the smartphone sector.

IOS Application

With over 2.2M apps and overall revenue of $25.5B (2019), the App Store is making a thriving proof that iPhone apps are people’s favourite. iOS apps have been maintaining their reputation of being one among the oldest smartphones with seamless performance, ground-breaking ideas and out-of-the-box innovation.


A budding eCommerce business or a tried and true one, without a powerful website, the future of your business is quite questionable, Quoting the famous American Podcaster and journalist, Jordan Harbinger here “A business without a website is like having a single lemonade stand on the side of the road. But a business with a website is like having a lemonade stand inside every single person's pocket.” Make sure you mark your online business through an outstanding lemonade stand (website).


Create essential skills pathways with verifiable and stackable credentials to upskill and train every learner with the highest quality e-learning experiences, in today's most job-relevant subject areas.